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Azienda Agricola PIANDIGORO di Donatelli Beatrice

Loc. Le Vigne Pod. Piandigoro - 53040 RADICOFANI (Siena) Italia - Tel. +39 335 6972893 - - E-mail:

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The Piandigoro farm estate covers 45 hectares,

in areas under the municipalities of San Casciano dei Bagni and Radicofani.

The farm mainly grows cereal crops (wheat, barley and spelt)

in rotation with leguminous plants (clover and field beans).


Two hectares are given over to olive groves, with the traditional Tuscan varieties, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino, producing the olives that go to make an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

You can buy L’Olio di Piandigoro directly from the farm.

This oil is distinguished by two main characteristics: its genuineness and quality; authentic expression of its territory, it is the fruit of man’s pairing with the environment and the farmer’s work with nature. This is why it is a unique product: it really is the nectar of the fruit, obtained from a blend of the farmer’s know-how and modern technology. The nose is intensely fruity, while the mouth perceives marked bitter and spicy notes; it leaves the palate dry and clean.



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